Rolex Submariner Series Watches

4Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner lunched in 1953, this is the first wrist watches which waterproof deepness amounts to only 100 meters and always the classic of diving watches since birth. As the professional flagship model of Rolex watch, Submariner opens up a new field for deep sea diving and sea explore. Then, its applicable scope extends to the land from the sea and become the symbol of sport wristwatch. Today this watch can waterproof as deep as 300 meters and have several Models to choose. The no date display models equipped with 40mm 904L stainless steel watchcase; with date display models use 904 l stainless steel, ROLESOR models (combine with 904L stainless steel and 18ct Gold) 、18ct Gold or platinum and Cerachrom ceramic word circle.

19531957  ref.6200/6204/6205

This period of the replica rolex submariner was based on CAL260 and 296 movements, the ability of waterproof from 100m to 200m. First use linear pointer and the luminous point of second hand located at the end of pointer, then made some adjustments, increased the clockwise luminous point. Known as Benz needle, adjust the luminous point of second hand to the scale, it should be said that starting from this time, until now, 60 years later, no significant adjustment again. Of course you can see there was no shoulder pad at that time.

19541961 ref.6538/6538

Rolex is no longer trying change 369 time scale which transplanted from EXPLORER to strip luminous time scale at this stage and the movement began to use CAL1030

1958~1970 ref.5508/5510/5512/5513/5514/5517

Rolex adopted the new CAL1520/1530 movement at this stage, one of the most obvious changes is increased the shoulder in appearance, widen the tooth width of rotate outer ring and sense to closer to now Submariner. Have to mention is the British royal navy start ordering this watches as naval officer equipment. But they required Rolex company change Mercedes needle to sword needle, the circle ring gear widened again, and there was the royal navy version of the 5517, then became a dream of Submariner fans.


1966~1981  ref.1680/16800 


Rolex began to use CAL1570/1575/3035 calendar movement at this time and add hubble-bubble mirror which make people easier to read the calendar; at the same time, Rolex began constantly try to increase the depth of waterproof, then derived the Sea-Deweller series, this is an important branch of Rolex driving watches. At the dial plate of 1680, the color of submariner is red. From the beginning of 16800 in 1988, the watch bezel of submariner series can unidirectional rotating.

1990~2012 ref.14060/14060M

The rolex submariner replica reloaded 3130 movement and began to accept the strict test of observatory, the dial plate has SCOC. The iron rings of the 14060m stop production and start producing ceramic ring 114060 in 2013.Actually, from the beginning of produce 116610 in 2010, people knows the generation of submariner is end.

1988~2010 ref.16610/16613/16618/16610LV

Starting from this stage, Submariner became the most sought-after and best-selling of rolex styles. So joined some style of between gold and whole gold and some special surface, of course, the price have increased. When the fans were busy collecting them, Rolex launched the Submariner 50th anniversary Limited-edition of 16610LV. when they appear on the market people immediately panic buying.




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